Western & Exotic Belts
Complete your leather boot purchase with an exotic belt. Our exotic belts include traditional Western designs and new, modern varieties. Find your favorite leather type in a high quality belt at Tim’sBoots....read more

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Cowtown RattleSnake or Python Belt
$147.00   $179.95

Black Jack Snake Skin Belts with Goat Billets
Code: BJsnakewithgoat
$217.00   $249.95

Los Altos Caimen Cowboy Belts
Code: CaimenCowboybelts
$127.00   $239.95

Los Altos Caiman Belly Belts
Code: newitem332966229
$147.00   $199.95

Denim Patch Belts
Code: Patchbelts1
$57.00   $89.95

Los Altos Ostrich Leg Belts
Code: LAostlegbelt
$97.00   $129.95

Los Altos Python 1 1/2 in belts with Removable Buckle
Code: LosAltosPythonwesternbelts
$97.00   $129.95

Los Altos Stingray Rowstone Cowboy belt
Code: LosAltosRowstoneBelts
$157.00   $189.95

Stingray Rowstone Finish Cowboy Belt
Code: LosAltosRowstoneFinishCowboyBelts
$137.00   $169.95

Los Altos Stingray single rowstone Cowboy Belt
Code: Losaltossinglerowstonecowboybelts
$137.00   $149.95

Los Altos Stingray Animal Print Cowboy Belts
Code: LosAltosAnimalPrintStingrayCowboyBelts
$137.00   $149.95

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